Profiling: Embedded Software

Embedded software is a kind of built-in software in the hardware systems that performs a particular function, although one piece of hardware can have more pieces of embedded software. For any part of technology with circuit boards and computer chips tend to have embedded software within, from digital clocks to mobile phones to calculators. 

The basic and early forms of embedded software were designed and created for military operations and the Americans particularly employ different varieties of embedded systems for space exploration, missile guidance and avionics from the late 1930’s to middle of 1960’s. These early systems were incorporated to other components which were a failure and it was only in the late 1960’s when embedded software was developed that even ordinary people could use it.

It was in the late 1970’s when the first norms for integrated microcontroller chips made the embedded software rise. A single chip performed like a small computer where it can take in, save, and output data and process them. The chips were developed where it was then possible to write one program, load it into the chip, and allow the chip implement its program whenever it received the precise input. In the end of 1980, almost all forms of consumer electronics contained sorts of microcontroller chip embedded or inserted in it.

The following years have made the cost of manufacturing integrated microcontrollers plunged to pennies and because of this, they are in most of electronic equipments where each of the chips have more than one embedded software. They are even in the items or appliances people never imagined would be, like electric fans, children’s toys, and even toasters. Advanced software was developed which were useful to ordinary people such as those who need to monitor their weight loss program. This diet software contains exercises and an exercise planner, weight calculator, calendar, progress charts, food journals and it can even connect you to other weight loss sites.

No matter what the software is for, these pieces of embedded software will function the same way. Their chips will be able to receive input from their link services and the software will read the input and establish if it needs to be activated. And if there is a need to activate the application, it will perform its program and release the results. The results may even lead the user to another piece of software.

Embedded software replaces the full-blown computer system where in a normal computer or a simple machine connected to a computer, there will be few parts of the embedded software. Generally, computer systems are made up of few pieces that regulate the start-up process and important hardware functions while complex equipments are developed to be more computerized where their embedded software is declining while it is being replaced with more standard computer systems.